The Moncton Agri-Environmental club began in 2004.  This club was designed to induce a change in attitude regarding sustainable development in agriculture.  In association with the local soil and crop program, together they work as a focused environmental team that is leading farmers to a new generation of environmental assurance. 


The goals associated with the club are; to work individually with agricultural producers to improve water quality, provide farmer education, advice, and coordination for implementation of on-farm improvement, assist with the development of Beneficial Management Practices (BMP’s) on the farm for soil, water, and crop protection.  From these goals, it is established that members of local Agri-Environmental clubs will have assistance to become sustainable in the agriculture industry with a focus on the environmental aspect.


GPS/GIS, manure, soil, and water testing, EFP action plan completion, implementation of NMP’s, contingency plans, workshops/information sessions and organized clinics.  Club coordinator works directly with producers assisting in preparation, increasing awareness, implementation, and follow up plans to optimize and maintain farm resources with regards to the environment. 

Currently the club has held many events for members to increase their awareness and educations; biodiversity workshop, shelterbelt demonstrations, and on-farm field tours.  This provides producers a closer look to what has been done on other farms, and what they can do on theirs. 


Fuel Tank Storage
Bonnielm Farm Ltd.


Speciality Crops
Ravenwood Holsteins


W.A. Farm Ltd.

MEMBERSHIP            In order to become a member of the Moncton Agri-Environmental club, producers are asked to be a member of the local soil and crop as well.  There is a $25.00 fee for the NBSCIA membership and a $200.00 fee to be a club member.  Membership is a voluntary basis, all members have direct access to the club coordinator, their resources, and their services. 



            Currently many projects have been implemented on-farm to alleviate environmental concerns, these projects are; shelterbelt establishment, riparian zone buffers, fencing of watercourses, manure storage systems, alternate watering systems, and many other BMP’s.


MAnure Storage System


Fencing of watercourses


Farmyard Runoff


The club is actively looking for new members, those interested as asked to contact the club coordinator directly or the NBSCIA general manager, Gerry Gartner for further information regarding the club.


Club Agrologist:

Monic Thibault                                                

(506) 878-3012 

New Brunswick Soil & Crop Improvement Association.