Kings County

Kings Co. Soil and Crop Improvement Association


The Kings Co. Soil and Crop Improvement Association is centered around Sussex NB, but our member farms are scattered throughout Kings County.   We oversee the Kings Co. Agri-Conservation Club and work closely with the club in organizing field days and information sessions.   We host various events throughout the year including tillage and forage days, field tours, and a farm of the year dinner.

local forage day

We have the following equipment available to rent:
6 Row no-till corn planter.  $25/acre on a custom basis. Contact: Kier Miller, 433-1383
AerWay.  KSCIA members - $50/day + $5/acre.  Agro-environmental Club Members - $25/day + $5/acre.  Contact: Dwayne Perry 435-0639.



Membership Fee:


Memberships are available for $25 per year.

The fee is payable at the Annual General Meeting.








The Kings Co. Agro-Conservation Club


The KCACC is one of five Agri-Environmental clubs administered by NBSCIA.  Our members are pro-active producers who are following environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices where feasible.   We strongly suggest that all members complete an Environmental Farm Plan as a first step in becoming aware of beneficial management practices “BMP’s”.  Most members are also very interested in Nutrient Management. 


The membership fee is $300.00 per year and the member must also belong to the NBSCIA.  Services provided by the club include:


  • GPS mapping of fields for acreages
  • Manure and soil sample interpretation
  • Assistance with completion of Environmental Farm Plans
  • Nutrient Management Guidelines
  • Assistance with funding applications and information on available funding
  • Organization of workshops, information sessions and clinics
  • Liaison with government and other organizations

canola grown by member

Several members have taken advantage of funding programs and have received financial assistance to implement various on farm Beneficial Management Practices and improvements.  Many members have also done various environmental projects on their own.


Projects include:


  • Improved or new manure storages
  • Fencing of streams and riparian areas
  • Improved fuel storages
  • Barnyard runoff control
  • Foam markers on pesticide sprayers
  • Tile drainage
  • New or improved wells
  • Partnerships with Kennebecasis watershed restoration committee to fence watercourses, plant trees, and improve stream crossings.

fencing done by member



Club Agrologist: 

Nadine Simpson, P.Ag.
(506) 433-1269 

New Brunswick Soil & Crop Improvement Association.