Central Soil and Crop


Central Soil and Crop is located in Central NB.  We are strongly involved with the Central NB Agri Environmental Club and our board is responsible for the Club.  Therefore we work very closely together with activities, field days and tours. 

Central Soil and Crop has a No-till Seeder and a Land Leveler.  These pieces of equipment can be rented by Farmers who are members of Central Soil and Crop

The rates are as follows:

The Land Leveler is $125 per week or $30 per day

The No Till Seeder is $40 per visit + 60 cents per kilometre and $37 per work hour.

To rent these pieces of equipment you should contact a Central S&C Director or the club coordinator.

Membership Fee:

Central Soil and Crop Memberships are available for $25 per year.


Board of Directors for Central Soil and Crop:

Garnet Donnelly         President                      366-3150

Gerry Boonstoppel      Secretary/Treasurer       366-2068            

David Goodine           Director                        363-3730

The Central Agro Environmental Club

Is a group of farmers in Central NB that are interested in doing good Environmental Practices on their farm and being environmentally friendly. There is a club coordinator who works closely with the members. The clubs objectives are to promote sustainable farming practices and development, optimize and maintain the farm’s resources and to promote BMP’s to control and minimize environmental risk. 

Some of the services that are provided are GPS field mapping, one on one Environmental Farm Plan with Action Plan Completion, Nutrient Management Planning, and assistance with Funding, workshops/Info Sessions and Field Days. 


Added benefits of being a member of the club are direct access to a club coordinator, good working connection with NBDAA and other farm organizations, and the club coordinator is a qualified Nutrient Management Planner and Professional Agrologist. 


Some of the projects that have been completed on farm are fencing of watercourses, fuel tank improvements, wetland construction for the treatment of barnyard runoff, manure storages, crossings for cattle and machinery and riparian area improvement, vermi composting, and tile drainage.


Club Agrologist

Leigha Sandwith, A.Ag. 

phone (506) 440-7561 

email central@nbscia.ca

New Brunswick Soil & Crop Improvement Association.