Agro-Environmental Clubs

Vision - A province wide network of viable Agro-environmental Clubs contributing to an agricultural industry excelling in environmental, social and economic wellness

Mission - To stimulate environmental leadership, innovation and sharing of knowledge and experience to the advancement of a sustainable agricultural industry in NB

1) To increase farmers' awareness of environmental issues
2) To provide technical support to farmers to address environemtnal issues and facilitate the adoption of BMPs
3) To encourage on-farm adoption of innovative ideas and practices
4) To provide awareness of, and assistance in accessing, programs
5) To be role models to fellow producers
6) To be ambassadors to the general public

  • Induce a change in attitude regarding sustainable development
  • Optimize and maintain farm resources
  • Control and minimize potential losses to the environment by promoting Beneficial Management Practices (BMP’s)
Services provided by the Agro-Environmental Clubs:
  • GPS Field Mapping for Acreage
  • Manure, Soil & Water Sampling Instruction
  • Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) & Action Plan Completion
  • Nutrient Management Guidelines
  • Assistance with Environmental Funding Applications
  • Workshops, Information Sessions & Clinics
Examples of Projects Completed on Member Farms:
  • Stream Fencing, Riparian Buffer Zones & Water Crossings
  • Alternate Livestock Watering Systems
  • Fuel Storage Tank Improvements
  • Wetland Construction
  • Manure Storages
  • Shelterbelts
Types of Information Sessions Held:
  • Farm Contingency Plans
  • Manure Spreader & Sprayer Calibration
  • Pesticide Applicators License Course
  • EFP Workshops
  • Constructed Wetlands & Wetland Tours
  • Interpretation of Water Test Results
  • Plowing Demonstrations, Tillage Practices, Forage Days
  • Greenhouse Gas Research, Nitrate Testing
  • Manure Storages
  • Woodlot Management
  • Energy Conservation on Farms
  • Farm & Research Plot Tours
  • Nutrient Management Planning
  • Composting of Deadstock
  • Environmental Challenges on Farms
  • Reduction of Milkhouse Washwater & Chemicals Used on Dairy Farms
  • Farm of the Year Tours
  • First Aid

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For more information about joining NBSCIA or an agri-environmental club, contact NBSCIA at (506) 454-1736 or

New Brunswick Soil & Crop Improvement Association.